• Marriage National Dynamic Forum

    The genesis and the vision for Marriage Dynamics National Forum emerged two years ago, and was conceived during an informal time of fellowship in Pastor Jackson Kingori's house in Dallas, Texas one evening. As Bishop Armstrong & Rhoda Cheggeh, Rev. Dr. Joe & Rev. Wambui Njoroge, Pastor Jackson & Lucy Kingori were discussing the challenges confronting couples in the Diaspora, a consensus started to emerge -- that it was time to bring families together for prayer and serious discussions on how couples and families in the Diaspora can triumph over the apparent onslaught against Christian marriages and families.

    Why Marriage Dynamics National Forum was started?

    The urgency to call for a national marriage conference was precipitated by the immense attacks on our marriages, children, and homes. Such attacks intensified to the extent that several of our own brothers and sisters have ended up in separation, divorce, while others ended up in jails because of a variety of domestic issues; while in more serious cases, some have even ended their mate's life! These developments have given rise to unusual instability in the Kenyan Diaspora family, something that has affected our local churches, and the Kenyan community as a whole.

    We welcome you to join our Kenyan Diaspora Family

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